Green Guildhall

Gloucester Guildhall currently holds a Green Tourism Silver Award. We are committed to sustainable practices. We have an Environmental Policy| and a Responsible Visitor Charter.|

Top 5 Green Tips


1- Leave your Car at Home

Gloucester is conveniently located just off the M5 and its central location makes it very accessible. Both the railway and bus stations are just a short walk from the main shopping area of the city with regular trains to all major towns and cities and buses running to all nearby towns. National Express buses travel through Gloucester from all destinations in the UK. What reason do you need to bring the car?


2 – Use Our Recycling bins

The Guildhall has many recycling bins scattered all around the building for customers to use. The bins are split up in to 3 categories which are paper waste, plastic bottles and cans/ tins.


3- Eat Local

The Guildhall has a lovely vegetarian café serving local produce from the county of Gloucestershire. Think of the impact you will have by eating at local places, the food miles will reduce which means less pollution.


4 – Turn off Taps

We have several toilets in the building and its always important to make sure you have turned the taps off after you have used them so that water isn’t wasted. Treating water uses up a lot of energy effecting the environment. Why should the O-Zone layer suffer?


5- Stay Green

There are many places in Gloucester and the surrounding areas which are recognised with a Green Tourism Business Scheme award. These accommodation providers will often serve you local produce for your breakfast, provide you with the best advice when travelling in the city and are often energy aware.


Travelling by Public Transport

Gloucester is conveniently located on the edge of the Cotswolds. This means accessing the Guildhall by public transport is easy. Think of your carbon footprint!

Stagecoach Bus Timetables|

Cotswold Timetables|


Gloucestershire Food

The Guildhall is well-known for its vegetarian café that uses a wide range of local produce. There is plenty to suit everyone’s tastes! Keep small local business alive and local farmers working by eating their produce!

Customer Comments

Customer feedback is important to the Guildhall team so what’s better than a customer comment card|? Please take just 5 short minutes to fill out the card and send to 23 Eastgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 1NS.