An Image of the Guildhall Theatre

Venue Technical Specifications

Theatre Information

The P.A. and Lighting specification for Gloucester Guildhall's Theatre is available for download here |.

Projection Equipment

Gloucester Guildhall's Cinema is equipped with a Westrex (Century) 2001 35mm projector fitted with a reverse scan red LED soundhead, a Strong 5 deck alpha platter and a Dolby CP65 sound processor. The cinema's speakers are manufactured by JBL, and C-Audio amplifiers are used. The Cinema is not equipped for Dolby Digital. Mono, Dolby A and Dolby SR analogue soundtracks can be reproduced.

Gloucester Guildhall's Theatre is equipped with a pair of Century 35mm projectors, which are equipped with speed controls to permit silent films to be shown. A Dolby CP45 processor is used to play back Mono, Dolby A and Dolby SR soundtracks. The Theatre is not equipped for Dolby Digital.

DVD data and video projection facilities are also available.