Egyptian Belly Dance


Hazel Kayes teaches Egyptian Belly Dance which is fun and an extremely feminine and sensual dance. Traditional Egyptian Dance includes classical and folk styles as well as contemporary. This can lead on to learning variations of other Arabic dance such as Tunisian, Algerian and Persian styles – Egyptian being the most sophisticated and developed.


Egyptian Belly Dance for Beginners

Hazel will be offering a three week trial for beginners.  Please note - The term will be extended for an additional 7 weeks if there is a large enough group.

The cost for the trial is £20.

Tuesday 16th January 2018
7pm - 8pm

Advanced Egyptian & Arabian Belly Dance Choreography & technique

This is for advanced and experienced dancers only, and to learn HAZIZ routines and extra technique.  Anyone who would like to join this class will need to talk to Hazel.

The cost is £88 for 11 classes, it can be paid in two halves if wished.

Thursday 11th  January 2018
7.30pm - 9.30pm

For further information, please contact the tutor on 01453 762022, 07763 180512 or