Tango Argentino 

with Laurie Moseley and Jan Cone

Argentine Tango is a deceptive dance. It is both spectacular and simple. One can become competent in a few months, but to become an expert takes a lifetime. Many people who have taken the Guildhall course have since danced around the UK and the world - recently Devon, Oxford, Reading, London, Harrogate, Paris, La Rochelle, Berlin, Georgia, Moscow, Istanbul, and of course Buenos Aires.  

Accordingly, our teaching lays great stress on technique, balance, the frame, lead and follow, using the music, and communication with one’s partner (all without words). We do not teach long, complicated figures – although we teach the elements of which such figures are composed, and encourage our students to combine those elements in innovative and exciting ways. Just try it!

Wear shoes with a smooth sole you can swivel on, and a slight heel.

8.30pm - 10.30pm

For further details, please contact the tutor on lgmoseley@btinternet.com|