We have a varied programme of talks on offer at the City Museums during 2016.  'Culture Club' is our regular 40 minute monthly lunchtime talks that take place on the first Wednesday of each month at the Museum of Gloucester.  Culture Club talks explore different aspects of Gloucester's past and present, and this season feature topics such as the Gloucester Table's Set, and Rufus Sita (Gloucester's first known resident).  For full details of all talks please see the list below.

To mark the 375th anniversary of the start of the English Civil War, the Museum of Gloucester is holding a day of talks.  Tickets to the talks are available from the Museum directly and are priced at £6 each, or a day ticket (giving access to all three talks) is £12.

‘The Descent into Civil War’, with Dr. Chris Scott
What were the causes and the tensions that lead us into the English civil war in 1642?  The people of Gloucester must have had a deep concern with these various upheavals and changes to their lives to make such a stand in 1643.
10.30am, 1st April,  Wheatstone hall
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‘1607: The great Severn estuary flood’, with Rose Hewlett
The flood of 1607 is generally acknowledged to have been the greatest natural disaster to affect communities along the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary. The enduring images from the pamphlets of the day ensure that it is remembered more than 400 years later, and its cause is still being debated. Was it a tsunami? Was it a storm surge?
12pm, 1st April,  Wheatstone hall
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‘The Civil War – across the border’, with Dr. Chris Scott
Gloucester was an important garrison and military headquarters for parliamentarian operations in the West Gloucester during 1642-1645, and this talks tells the tale of the battles, sieges and skirmishes fought across our border in the neighbouring county of Wiltshire.
2.30pm, 1st April, Wheatstone hall
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Culture Club – ‘Gloucester’s Recent Archaeological Discoveries’
There have been a number of archaeological investigations in Gloucester over the course of the last year, producing some interesting and fascinating finds from the Roman and Medieval history of the City.  City Archaeologist Andrew Armstrong will discuss the results of some of those investigations.
5thApril, 1.10pm-1.50pm
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Culture Club – ‘The Four Seasons in Poetry’
Year in year out, the seasons delight us with their symphony of sounds and sights.  Smells and tastes catch our senses, warmth and cold affect us daily.  In this journey through the seasons, Ian McKay and Jenny Williams (both members of Gloucester’s Civic Trust) will read some of their favourite poems.
3rdMay, 1.10pm-1.50pm
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Richard III Festival
The Richard III festival returns to Gloucester for 2017, and is packed full of talks, tours, concerts and films.  Click here| to see the full programme and to book tickets online.
15th - 20th May 2017, various venues

Culture Club – ‘Rufus Sita: Gloucester’s First Known Resident’
The latest in our ‘Treasures of the Museum’ series looks at Rufus’s Tombstone.  Join Museum Curator David Rice to unravel the clue to Rufus’ life, what he found here and consider if the history books have got it wrong.
7thJune, 1.10pm-1.50pm
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If you would like to make sure you don't miss out please feel free to email us at| and we will be sure to guarantee you entry for your chosen talk.